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November 11, 2008


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Any tears I was shedding over your beautiful post quickly turned to out-loud laughter over your daughter Molly's comment! ;-Þ

Having been similarly blessed in my lifetime with a second love after losing such a great one, I know the awesome power of God's work in our lives when we commit them to Him. I'm so gosh-darn happy for you, Melony!!!

Or should I say, GRANDMA? Congratulations on that, too! :-)


Added - I was going to thank you for your comment on my "liquid chicken" post, but when I came here and read your post...awwww....I just wanted to cry.


aw, what a wonderful post. You've made my eyes tear up!! How incredible. How wonderful to know that even when you lose someone so special, you can connect with another wonderful person later on, and build anew.

And your son - what a wonderful young man, with such a future ahead of him.

What a great rewarding life you have - you are such a lucky woman!


What a beautiful post! Congratulations and so many happy thoughts for you & your beautiful family! Thanks for sharing you life with us. You have brought me much hope & positvity! Have a great day!

Marilyn - A Mixed Bouquet

Oh, Melony! Congratulations to all of you!

I remember so much...emailing you when your family was bringing Daisy home. The graduations, watching Sam and Daisy grow, and praying for Kent and your family are memories I'll never forget! I even miss hearing about your hair color mishaps!

I hurt for you and now I'm thrilled for you! I'm thankful that you have Bob in your life. I'm thankful for your children. Yes, it's a circle!

Love ya, MarilynM

You are funny, Molly! LOL!


your story, the little I know through this post, touches my heart. Family is a treasury. You are very blessed indeed.
thanks so much for your visit...come back always please.


What a wonderful remembrance of your life... I remember so many events that you mentioned in this blog. It makes me feel so thankful knowing that God blesses over and over and we can rejoice even after sorrow in our lives. I love you! Debbie


oh my gosh! What an amazing story! My heart was just breaking! I also can not believe you are the mother of that MAN! WOW! Your family is amazing...your husband is amazing.....such a sweet story


blah blah come Zack gets a whole blog dedicated to him? Just kidding. Those pictures are great!


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