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November 22, 2008


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Lady Katherine

That was so funny! Just loved it!


That was a great post. I love the fun pictures but the thoughts of you and your daughter having fun taking them...priceless.
Happy PS


I giggled all the way through your post! Our loved ones may not understand Pink Saturday, but they certainly hear about it, don't they? Your pictures are just too cute!!

Happy Pink Saturday!


P.S. love the corsage!

Denise Elizabeth

Well happy pink sat. I'm very late. Enjoyed the photos. Hugs Denise


Adorable pictures and pink post, thank you for the smile : )


Happy Pink Saturday and your post made me laughed out loud.. hehehehe.. so cute! have a great weekend!..

Sondra Behne

Your photos are so funny...not your face just the idea of you posing and having fun. You really are a very pretty girl and love your hair and smile.

See ya again soon.


Isabel ~ Maison Douce

The pink hairdryer is so darn cute! And so are you!

vera watkins

Too funny, isn't it fun taking silly pictures. Your daughter did good with the camera too. Love the pink hair dryer.

kari & kijsa

Teehee!! Happy Pink Saturday!!! Hope you had the most blessed Thanksgiving!! Thank you so much for your sweet words!

kari & kijsa


What a sweet daugther to take the time to "play" with Mom while she poses. Great pictures and love the pink hairdryer.


very beautiful pictures HAVE fun on Pink the apron and the hair dryer.thnak you for sharing.


Awesome!!! Great photos, your daughter and you done a great job!!! Take Care!!



Happy Pink Saturday, Melony.

You look absolutely beautiful in your gorgeous apron, and using your pink dryer. Your daughter did a fantastic photo shoot, and you were the ultimate model.

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

What an adorable post, I love it! That hair dryer is so cute :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

gbloom studio

Hi Melony, What fun pictures! Your daughter is great with a camera! I also love what you did with the podium! Have a wonderful Thatnksgiving! Thanks for stopping by!

gbloom studio

Hi Melony, What fun pictures! Your daughter is great with a camera! I also love what you did with the podium! Have a wonderful Thatnksgiving! Thanks for stopping by!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

Oh that is the cutest! I love the fact that your daughter was bored to tears....mine would have been too!

Blue Castle

Oh, you are hilarious! Thanks for stopping by today! I came over to check your blog out and I have to tell you - I LOVE that hair dryer! It's awesome. :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn

Everyone should have a pink hairdryer. :)


your silly ways always bring a smile to my face and you look really hot in that apron!!! i thank God every day for bringing you in to my life. have a great day baby....will be thinking sweet thoughts about you all day long with you wearing your apron.


How sweet of your daughter to play along for your post! I think all your pics turned out great! Happy Pink Saturday! Suzie


Too funny, like nothing new in my house!

Elizabeth Holcombe

LOL!!! You are so lovely and have the cutest sense of humor! Thanks for your FUN photos!~~~XXOO, Beth


This is a riot. Daisy is such a good sport, I don't think I would get that kind of help here. The hairdryer is so kewl. Thanks for sharing. Happy pinkness

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