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January 26, 2009


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I love your decorating style. Its great to see the AFTER picture when everything is fresh and clean. Unfortunately it never stays the same in my house and its back to the mess within a day.


My house is definitely a "before" picture at the moment. I'm feeling slightly guilty while I sit here admiring all the Pink Saturday posts. I really need to get up and make myself useful. Love your post from your archives.

Blessings, Lana


Melony, what a cute home with lots of pretty things, and I see lots of pink cuteness there, too! I'm an early bird this morning, dropping in to with you a

Happy Pink Saturday!


Sheila :-)


I am so glad you found me as I LOVE your blog! Your house is so adorable and I think your sofa is awesome! I'll put you on my favs list!


It's not Monday but I did wash my sheets today. :) I loved your green peas/macaroni & cheese analogy because it sure works for me. I have a strong dislike for peas but love a good macaroni an cheese. :) Hope you're staying warm on this cold, dreary, icy day. ~ Lynn


I here on green pea Wed. FULL to the brim with a nor'easter snow storm! Love your before and afters. Goodwill? Huge fan, I'll having withdrawals the next couple of days. Enjoy adding to your retirement fund.


i have filled up the retirement fund bank...can i retire now? lol...have a great day baby!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

I think every day is a squishy green pea day! I'm not crazy about cleaning....I'd just be happy if everyone picked up their own stuff! Love the Valentine cute!


I love it all. I am a huge fan of GoodWill too. I did a post earlier today about vintage hankies - I love yours in this photo. You've had quite a productive day. Sleep well!

Jenny S

Yup! I am having a 15 minute kinda day!! I love FLYLADY!! Nice to meet another flybaby!!

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