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July 09, 2009


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what a great gift you are giving to your kids...the gift of silliness! They will treasure these pictures one day!
I'm sorry you had to look alzheimers straight in the face Melony, it is truly heart wrenching......I know you are "there" for your family through this awful time. Treasure your memories sweet friend!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

What a wonderful trip with bittersweet moments too. I love your goofy pic. I took one like that this weekend and then deleted it. Now you make me wish I would have saved it.
Have a wonderful week Melony!

Valarie Kraft

What a beautiful family you have. I love it when we prove the statistics wrong. I have a blended family, 2 sons, and 3 step children, who all get along fabulously. They are all adults now, and are friends. I am glad that you found someone who loves you and your children. I hope your time with your Mom is good. Have a lovely Pink Saturday. Valarie

Tina @ Enchanted Rose Studio

Happy Pink Saturday, Melony! Fabulous post! Love the photo of Daisy and her cousin watching the fireworks! too cute. I'm sorry about your Mom. It's great that you have so many loved ones to share the sadness and the joy! BTW you look adorable in your funny photo. I know your children will cherish it!

Enjoy your visit!



What a nice time it seems you had. Bless your mom!


what a wonderful is everything!


Such a sweet sweet post. You are blessed to realize how much you have here. And, oh, yes, a family doesn't have to come from another family can come from God thru another direction. I know this because there was no one in the world I loved more than my step father.
Happy vacation..happy summer.
xo bj


Such a sweet post. My father just passed 2 years ago on my birthday from Alheimerz-- Such a challenging disease.

Great pictures to reflect and cherish.



You have a point. I always avoid the camera because I look like a saggy old lady, but how will my grandchildren remember what I looked like?

That baby is just so sweet!


Love you and your post Melony!


Yeah! family!! You guys look like you had fun!
Hugs, Lisa


I'm glad you had this lovely time, and your right, a few goofy pics can help.


Great post!
Bittersweet, but more sweet than bitter.
I know, I've been there with my Mom and the same dreaded disease. Not that any disease is a good one to have, but we saw my Dad deteriorate physically, and my Mom deteriorate mentally, and it was much harder losing her, because even though my Dad's body betrayed him, he was still my Dad.
I'll keep your Mom in my prayers.

You have a beautiful family!

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