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January 13, 2010


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Hi Melony - The little pink egg plate is soooo cute. I just love what you have done to your home. I think your story of the candlesticks is very romantic and enduring. I am so happy you have found love again.


aww...I love the memory you have of those very sweet. I'm so glad you found happiness again....and happy is what your kitchen is! LOVE the plate you painted! So cute!


You did a great job on the egg plate and your story about the candle sticks was so touching. I'm sorry to hear about your first husband but glad you've found love again.

Is Cherry Cherry Bang Bang red? We want pictures!


Beautiful candlesticks & A wonderfully painted egg plate !
Happy Rednesday !

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Melony, I can see that you really do love cherries! I love the name of your car! And you did a wonderful job on that egg plate. I wouldn't use it either! Such a sweet story about your first husband surprising you with those candlesticks. I'm going to go poke around your blog now!
Happy REDnesday!


Hi Melony! So glad you stopped by Rednesday! Hey, us cherries gals got to stick together! So sad about your first husband, but I'm delighted that you've found happiness once again!

Kate Smith

Love the cheery cherry plate and red plate stend. Happy REDnesday!

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