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January 29, 2010


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What a lovely story and how precious of you to share. Enjoy this special weekend with what appears to be a very special man...

Mary O'Neil

We **loved** the dresses you made - the ones we were lucky enough to WIN!!!

Happy Anniversary, Melonie!!


OH what a lovely sweet Post.. Such loving memories you have shared with us... I love the outfits you created,, all adorable, just like you little Daisy.... Happy Pink Saturday;


Oh, Melony, what a sweet, sweet post. Back when you were sewing and selling the little dresses on eBay, I had your eBay page bookmarked in my favorites, so I could see what cute new thing you'd listed, and see adorable little Daisy modeling it. I was sad when you quit adding things, but happy that you began blogging. Now, I get to see even more of your creative side, along with those occasional pics of your family. :-)

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Daisy is so sweet! Happy Anniversary. Next week I'll be married to my hubby eight years, who married me and became a step dad to my three kids. I was and still am scatterbrained and he still loves me. LOL Weren't we lucky to find those men!!

Self Sagacity

Very cute. I love those pictures.


Happy Pink Saturday!

This is a lovely story...
This model is great in front of the camera!

~ Gabriela ~



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