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March 03, 2010


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Oh - you look adorable! I have really missed visiting your sweet place. Love your ideas - and your sweet, sweet heart! Hugs, Patti

~ Junkyard Jennifer

That bracelet is to die for! I have a huge weakness for rose jewelry in that style.

Your whole ensemble looks fabulous!

~ Jennifer


You just glow in that beautiful top! Glad you shared the pictures.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine


You look fantastic. Hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday!!!! Cheers, Lia

Amanda @ House Revivals

So cute! Such a creative transformation! Love the accessories, too. ;)


Melony, your creativity amazes me. I love the shirt (after version)!

And, as to taking good pictures of red things, trust me, you are in a very big boat. I've read that comment all across blogland, how it's nearly impossible to accurately capture red. I know I can't.

You have a drawl? Naaaah! ;-Þ


Oh, my gosh! I liked the shirt fine the way it was but, after you blinged it up, it's extra fabulous! And, the accessories look super with it! (You should have worn the earrings!)

Sandy McClay

WOW! What a difference you made in that shirt! Just wonderful! You are very creative! I would have just passed it by...thanks for giving me some ideas now on how to look at clothing! :)

Love that purse!!!!


Wonderfully creative makeover!


You took a plain Jane shirt & made it fabulicious!!! You look great in your latest creation. Love the bag too.

Amy, a redeemed sheep

You are such an inspiration! I have a few summer shirts I think I will play with, too!


How absolutely fabulous. You know I will play around with something I get from Goodwill but hadn't really thought of playing with something new. Thanks for the encouragement to try.


I love how the red shirt turned out. So cute now. Love all the additions that you made to it.


WoW! What a great job! Love the purse and the corsage!! So creative are you! And you look so pretty in that outfit!! Red becomes you, my dear!

Mary O'Neil

You are too cute, Melony!! Love the look and BTW, how come you aren't aging like the rest of us. I want that secret!!!!!!

Susan Freeman

I'm with Rosie. We'll submit your name as the next designer on Project Runway. You go girl!

Susan and Bentley


You fabulized that boring shirt! (Is fabulize a word?) That's the word that popped in my head when I saw you model it. It is so cute, and the hand bag is perfect for it. You could be on Project Runway.


That final photo maybe a little blury ... but doesn't that shirt look sooooo much better with a body in it! You look a million dollars!
Warmest hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane


I love how you added the buttons to the shirt, that was just what it needed. And the corsage, too cute, what a great idea. Then of course that purse, oh my!! That was a special purse and I'm so glad it went to a good home. xo, suzy

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Well aren't you just cute as a button in your makeover shirt?!! I love how you made it more YOU, and that purse goes with it just perfect!
Happy REDnesday!

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