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March 24, 2010


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Thanks so much for my wonderful Easter Basket full of goodies! I got it yesterday in the mail and was so excited to receive it. I love everything, especially the basket, you did a great job. I had a hard time decorating that tiny yogurt cup. :) It's been a long week, of work and fighting a cold- this was definitly the bright spot. Thanks so much!!

Sandy McClay

What a touching post, and I just love your kitchen! The dress is so cut and the apron and the! I am glad to hear you have been able to move forward, sometimes that in itself is so hard! Thank you for sharing these memories....

Amy Hodges

I absolutely love the wall color in your kitchen, one of my favorite colors. Very cute pictures.


Adorable and so colorful!


Oh my, she is so cute! What a wonderful personality coming through those photos, toot sweet!!!!!


Beautiful creations! And a beautiful daughter, too!


Melony, I used to have your eBay page bookmarked, so I'd not miss a photo session of little Daisy. It was always a double delight; getting to see Daisy growing up and looking so cute, and your amazingly creative and whimsical designs. You are one talented lady!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

How adorable! Daisy really sold that dress! And I love what I can see of your kitchen. I hate to cook, but I think I would have fun in there!
Happy REDnesday!


What a bittersweet post! Daisy and the dress are lovely but I am so sorry to hear about your husband! I am sure all of this got you all through such a terrible time in your lives!!


I love that smile she is pretty! And I like her dress too a great model ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

Rednesday~Nut cracker or toy soldier


I also love the cherries. Your kitchen looks like a lot of fun! Daisy is a doll. Sorry to hear about your husband.

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