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June 05, 2010


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I'm still working my way through PS posts. I'm glad I found yours. It is terrific!


Love the dress and what you are doing to save waste and landfills. I also up-cycle and am a keen follower of the rose attachment - It is surprising what a well positioned rose can hide. Beverley


Oh, it all looks so very beautiful to me!


I love vintage too, and these are marvelous!

Happy PS!

Maggie @
Do these shoes match this purse?


Love your post! I remember my mama laying knives on her pattern pieces before cutting them out. It brings back lots of memories. I wish you well with your goal. Looks like you're off to a great start.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Jenn Raley

Happy Pink Saturday! I thoroughly enjoyed your post ... roses, vintage patterns, wonderful commentary! That rose looked great on your dress, and probably would be fine wearing it too. I dropped down to read a little more of your blog and read about June. Oh, my. You know, you may not get to know the results of your actions, including turning her away instead of having her arrested. But, more so, taking her in. There's no telling, except that God knows. I'm sorry to hear about your jewelry having gone missing. Have you checked local pawn shops? They are just things ... but just the same, God cares about you and there you have it. Take care! Jenn


I love those vintage patterns! And I think it is SO cool what you are doing with your clothing, whether it is dressing things up with a well-placed flower, or the fab things you are making or remaking!! I am envious of your talents - I only DREAM about things that I WISH I could make or sew!


Good for you making something uniquely you and yours!
I quit making clothes a long time ago and started making "things", but I used to make our girls their dresses, prom dresses and when they were babies and toddlers so many adorable things....
Keep sewing up a storm!
Happy Pink Saturday!

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