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June 12, 2010


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You made me laugh. Sometimes sewing can be so frustrating.

Maybe you can turn the pink into quilt blocks. Very cute fabric.

My hubby would be right there with your dad. He has this thing for trucks, and tractors, and backhoes, and mowers, and rakes, and balers.....

The other top is cute. And I love the shoes.

nannykim at nannykim's

Well you ended up with a very cute outfit--love the matching sandals! I can't believe you did find a tractor with pink! a shame you can't salvage it.


Sorry about the tractor mess, but the outfit you ended up with is darling! :-)


What a pretty new top you have, and the sandals are perfect with it.

Too bad about your pink tractor top, but you tried.

My husband would love hanging out with your father. He loves tractors, too.

Happy Pink Saturday, Melony.


Aw, I'm going to bad the j deere dress didn't make it, I can tell you had the right idea. The swiss miss is cute too.


So far the swiss miss shirt is my favorite....but then again you look pretty smokin in most anything you put on!!!

Karla Nathan

Its always nice to hear about the things that don't turn out perfect too! Sometimes blogland makes you feel like you'll never measure up, there is so much great stuff out there. We all have projects that go wrong, but we don't always get to see everyone's!

Brenda @ Shabby Cats and Roses

My daughter would so love that Pink John Deere fabric!!

Happy belated Pink Saturday!

If you can a chance, come stop on over as I am currently have 2 giveaways, and both end June 18th :)

Warmest, Brenda


Hi Meony! I love the top and sandals, thank you for sharing! Happy Pink Saturday!! Esther XX

laura quaglia

Very nice Happy PS.Laura Q


The sandals ARE perfect, and that top is adorable!!
Way to turn things around!!

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