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October 23, 2010


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Oh, too funny. And now how ironic that you have become a place where people stop to find vintage treasures no longer needed. You have made your mom proud! :-) Great story. Thanks for sharing. I'm still visiting around PS posts. Have a wonderful week!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I had so much fun reading this post Melony! If only we knew back then what we know now! I was 15 in '76 too, and I would have been wearing jeans and tube tops, but I would have definitely worn that dress to a dance!
Happy Pink Saturday!


Wow, we could have been twins then we could have giggled about it. I love your dress too but I could no way fit in something like that. Wasn't that a beautiful time to be a teenager?


Happy Pink Saturday! What a wonderful story - never heard of the store - but quite understood your teenage girl story - If we could only go back in time and tell ourselves some wonders & fun we missed -
Love growing up :)

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

You are so funny!! I love the story of you in the bottom of the car. My mom never ever stopped at a yard sale and to this day thinks I am nuts for shopping second-hand. Just think of all the treasure I missed. LOL


Oh Melony you are able to say what so many of us want to but don't know how to put it into words... I would have loved that dress also at the age of 15 and sure wouldn't have been caught at a garage sale with my mom at a friend's house! :o)
Love you sweet friend and happy birthday to you!


The dress wouldn't have been my style in 1976 (I would have been 15 too!), but I love it now. My, how I've changed, I hope for the better. I loved your post today.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine


I remember Riff's. Once I was there and the sales lady asked me what perfume I had on. I told her it was Right Guard! My mom died on the spot. Spray Right Guard had just come out and it was the cat's meow.


Your etsy link didn't work... :o(


OMGoodness I love this post - so entertaining and somewhat reminiscent of my own childhood, but mine came in ducking down as my Father drove me to school in a 1946 or 48 Oldmobile while all the other kids had "new" cars - oh what I would give for that Oldsmobile now!! Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday!

Biljana Pantelic Adzaga

Beautiful dress:))
Thanks for stopping by, Greetings from Europe, Biljana


Melony, you are such a hoot! I could just picture you peeking out of the window of that wagon with one eye, scanning for famiiar faces. ;-Þ

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