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October 21, 2010


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Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

What an amazing job you did, putting that costume together! I think any gal would have fun wearing it to a party. I've added the book to my list of must-reads!
Happy REDnesday!


What a fabulous post!! Who doesn't love a costume?! I will be looking that book up. I love a good read in the cold months....I am assembling my stack now :)



You did a great job on your dress. You and your husband in the picture look like people from the pioneer days. A good idea for your post.


Melony, I love that first picture of you in the dress. You look 'sassy'. ;-Þ

Though I have read some of Francine Rivers books, I've not read that one. I'll have to rectify that soon!

Oh, and you did an aweome job on the dress!


What a delightful post. Very imaginative and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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