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October 27, 2010


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Melony - you are so adorable! Seriously - I think you could wear anything you want - and your personality is what shines! You are SO MUCH FUN! Hugs, Patti


Love your look (esp. the gorgeous brooch :) )

The stove slavery dress (hehe) is my favourite Betty Draper outfit as well. It is a hardship when you find a beautiful vintage ensemble and then it 's not your size (all those 24 inch waist dresses on Etsy are a little worrying.. really, people over 12 years old fit that?)

I wish I had some serious sewing skills then I could just storm all those pretty vintage patterns round the web. :D

Thanks for your sweet comment my end. :)


You look beautiful just as you are and YOU can wear anything you want to-Just wear it with confidence!!!!


Girl you can go anywhere with that smile. As a X-Large and 65 years old you get to the point where you realize we are all made different and beautiful. Besides they had no junk food in the 60's or at least not a lot yet.


What an adorable outfit YOU're wearing ! This chubby, middle aged mama would never fit in those dresses either. And cute as they are, they don't look very comfy either - so there !

Have a Booo-tiful Pink Saturday !



LOL, I wouldn't fit into those clothes either! But my niece would absolutely LOVE that red rose dress!!!


I am with you on your style, I so love those styles too, but they would not work for me at all!! Really cute post by the way. Happy VTT!

Maureen @ The Green Suitcase

I love your post! And your kitchen!


you look FABULOUS Melony as do those gorgeous 50s dresses..SWOON!!


Loved your post. I heart the rose dress...


Thanks for sharing and bringing back a lot of memories. I have worn these and wish they were back. The styles today are just not for me. You look just fine as you are.


You look fabulous! I spend my time in XXXL pajamas, so next to you, I'd be - well - that mousy girl in her pajamas. :D

Your curves are awesome, and you're a real beauty.

*Passes the Cheetos*


Melony, you crack me up! I love those vintage styles, too, but alas, I was never built to wear them. I have pictures of my mother when she was young, looking just about like the women in the photographs, perfect hourglass figure and all. That tiny waist gene must've skipped a generation, though. Sigh.

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