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February 17, 2011


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Abby@moncler pas chere

This swimsuit is too beautiful

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It's a beautiful swimsuit but for '50s. Today I prefer little tiny swimsuit. I could wear this pattern and color but adapted for this modern time. :D


The swimsuit is fabulous and you are an amazing writer.


THAT IS AMAZING! Sorry I yelled, it really is gorgeous! Glad to hear you might join in if I announce a blog hop swap! You never know what you might swap- not just clothes. I would probably mug someone for that suit you know.

In the Hammock Blog

Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous swimsuit!!

Thanks so much for stopping by the Vintage Blog Link Up and for adding my button!!


Oh my gosh - you took me back! My mom had Dr. Pepper and Fritos to while her time away watching old movies. She just loved the old movies - and maybe that is why I do, too. So many good memories and good laughs, too. Love the bathing suit, too - my sweet mom would have looked adorable in that suit. She was always so slim and pretty.


I enjoyed hearing your memories of Mother. She was so cute, fun, and had her own unique zest for life. I decided yesterday to get some 3 or 4 year old videos out of her and watch them. They made me happy. We have been blessed with her in our lives all these years!
Love, Jill


That was a gorgeous swimsuit! I remember Dialing for Dollars, and I remember Esther Williams. I loved her movies, too. :-)


I love the old movies especially Esther Williams. They sure made prettier clothes back then. Cute post.

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