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March 29, 2011


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Oh I love the eight cousins they are so real! We have that exact same beautiful edition of Eight Cousins but we don't have Rose in Bloom yet, I will have to check the Kindle Store.


I think I had the A Rose in Bloom. It was pink with a pretty girl (like the one in your illustrations) on it. It was by Louisa May Alcott. What's funny is that it didn't catch my attention like the Little Women books. I've seen almost every version of that movie. Two other favorites, from similar time period, are Secret Garden and The Little Princess.

Southern Lady's Market

Thanks for linking in at Southern Lady's Market! Great dress!

Kaye Swain

What a fun post. I'm another fan of Louisa May Alcott and loved many of her books. My favorites are still Little Women, Little Men, and Jo's Boys as you get to see everyone growing up in them. I'm hoping to read Little Men to my grandsons eventually, but so far they prefer Daniel Boone. :) But I do remember Rose in Bloom as well.

Gigi Lorenc

I am so happy to read your post. I felt the same thing as you did growing up. I think I was lucky now not to be able to afford those beautiful dresses, as they were the inspiration to sew. I now have skills that I can pass on to this younger generation. They were lovely dresses, thought as the one pictured is,too!
Thanks for sharing!


Love all your beautiful pink. I am here visiting from Pink Saturday. I too lvoe Little woemn. How wonderful that you found that book. I hadnt heard fo that one either. What a pleasant surprise and find. My sister is a book collector I will have to ask her about that.


I've never heard of Rose in Bloom either, but what a find! I love the cover. Oh how I remember Gunne Sax, but I never had a real one either, just homemade copies (which were probably better) but oh how I wanted that label in it!


I love the little artist that added color! Something I probably would have done:)
I grew up when you did but I never heard of this dress maker. My first dress was from Sears for my 8th grade graduation...otherwise, handmedowns. YOu have a knack for finding and writing.

Judy Nolan

I have heard of Rose in Bloom, but I'm so glad you found the version you did; it is lovely! I also recall Gunne Sax dresses. You've told a story about something in your shop in a very special way.

Zuda Gay Pease

I've never heard of Rose in Bloom either, what a find! What a lovely dress, I've made some Gunne Sax patterns up in the past. So fun to add all the girly frills.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I've always wanted to read more of LMA's books, but have never made the time. I've only read Little Women, and it's a favorite of mine too. Love that pretty pink dress, and your pink radio too!

Jill Roberts

Lovely dress! And what a great story!

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