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March 22, 2011


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slim grey suits

Vintage dresses are really cute. I saw many vintage dresses but yours look very light to the eye.


I love the story and I remember wearing things that I wouldn't have picked out but we didn't have the money to get new stuff. I have a sister 3.5 years older than me and I wore her Homecoming Game Princess Dress from 1975. I wore it to my 1980 prom and it wasn't popular to wear vintage then. lol The dress was really beautiful though. I wish we had kept it.

Victoria / Justice Pirate

This dress is gorgeous!! I love it! I can so see it with a hat or with flowers throughout someone's hair. so pretty. nice find!


The dress is cute, and the story you imagined behind it makes it even cuter.


I just realized when I commented it linked me to my art blog but I'm patsy from the etsy team, Vintage, which is where I first saw you.


Melony, you are such a talented writer. I so enjoy reading your little stories. By the way, I have a daughter Melanie spelled the ordinary way. She was named after Melanie the folksinger from the late sixties, early seventies.

Bob Ralph

I love the way your imagination works and the way you bring life to the articles you find and sometimes sell. XOxo

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